Monday, August 23, 2010

Hovercraft help for flooded Pakistan

Continuing on with the disaster 'how can we make a big contribution' theme, I have recently been in conversation with the owner of the ex-Hoverspeed SRN4 hovercraft.

I believe these massive amphibious vehicles would make a significant impact on the rescue efforts in Pakistan. They are virtually rescue 'islands'. Their large car decks could carry a huge amount of supplies, fuel , water makers, power generation and casualty evacuation. Instead of winching up a dozen people at a time in a helicopter, the SRN4 would allow 400 people to walk straight on.

Being amphibious the SRN4 can move freely about the flooded landscape at speeds that would allow many round trips in a day.

It would need a government department, NGO or wealthy individual to get these back in service and on site but I feel the effort would be extremely worthwhile.

If anyone reads this and wants to get this going please let me know and I will offer my technical know how and influence with the owner free of charge.

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